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Michael A. Loizzi, Jr.


Tel: (847) 670-9000
E-mail: mloizzi@hlerk.com

Legal Assistant:
Camille Wardrip

MICHAEL A. LOIZZI, JR. represents public employers (including colleges, schools, park districts, municipalities and fire and police departments) and private employers in matters of labor law and employment law.  He has negotiated more than 700 collective bargaining agreements for public employers and is a certified trainer of interest-based bargaining techniques. Mr. Loizzi has been named a "Leading Lawyer" by his peers. He is a past recipient of the Presidential Award presented by the Illinois Association of School Administrators. He also is a member of the Illinois Council of School Attorneys and the Labor Committee of the National Council of School Attorneys. He is a frequent writer and lecturer on a variety of public sector legal matters. Mr. Loizzi graduated from Western Illinois University and received his law degree with honors from Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he was a member of the Law Review.